What to Bring to Day Camp


A Nut-Free Lunch

Campers must bring a Nut-Free lunch and clearly-marked water bottle to Camp each day. If your child arrives to camp without a lunch or with a lunch containing nuts, he/she will be given a replacement lunch which will cost an additional $10. Please no lunch time food drop-offs. This is a security risk. We want all of our staff to focus on supervising the kids at lunch and not answering the door. have your child's lunch packed and with them when they arrive.

Afternoon snacks are provided by Little Oaks Camp.

*If your child has any allergies or sensitivies, please make us aware and take proper precautions.



On the first day of camp, you must purchase a $10 Day Camp Hat, unless they will be using one from last year. Your child needs bring this hat to camp each day. If your child arrives to camp without their hat, you will be asked to purchase an additional hat. Children also must bring a bottle of sunscreen on the first day of camp (clearly labeled) to leave at camp for the remainder of the week/summer.


Swim Suit/Towel (on Tuesdays)

Every Tuesday we go swimming at an indoor pool at our local community centre and day campers need to bring a swimsuit and towel with them on those days. If your child comes to camp wearing their bathing suit under their clothes please pack dry clothes along with them as well.


Field Trip Days (Thursdays)

Each week there will be a newsletter sent home with your child with details on specific items to bring for their field trip (some trips require socks, others require running shoes or weather appropriate outerwear). For field trips campers should pack a garbage-free lunch, their water bottle and wear activity appropriate clothing for the trip.


Tuck Shop Money (optional)

On Fridays, our Tuck Shop will be open. Each camper is allowed to bring $2/week to spend on the Tuck Shop on Friday (after lunch).


Your Favourite book (optional)

Everyday at camp (except for Thursdays) we have our Jump Start reading program. For an hour each day kids will spend time on reading and writing activities but there is also time for personal reading. We have lots of books to choose from here at Little Oaks but if you have a favourite book, feel free to bring it along! 

Blanket/Sleeping bag + Pillow (optional)

During the week of camp, we will give campers "chill" time each day for a maximum of 1 hour. It is during this time, especially for younger campers, that they can nap, read, and cool off from a busy, energetic day. Please ensure everything is labeled!

What NOT to bring:


We request that parents don't send cellphones, tablets or other personal electronic devices to camp. They distract from the awesome programs we have planned and are not necessary (we can get in touch with you through the camp office phone). If your child brings an electronic device it will be placed in the Camp Office until the end of the day. Little Oaks is not responsible for any lost or stolen personal electronics. 

Toys or Valuables

We have lots of awesome games, toys and stuff to play with at camp for everyone to share. Please keep your personal toys or valuables at home as they may get lost or damaged. 


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