Summer 2020 Registration

Registration Fees 2020

Camp cost is $150/week. Holiday Weeks are $140 per week. Each camper is required to have a Little Oaks camp hat at an additional $10. Campers can bring theirs from previous years.

$50 non-refundable deposit/week is required at time of registration

$100 (regular) payment is due before or on the FIRST day of camp each week.


Extended Hours: 8am-9am $10/week; 4pm-5pm $10/week

due the FIRST day of camp each week.

How to Register

Summer 2020 - Opening Soon!

Registration and camp hat purchase is now available online through Planning Center! You'll be able to pay with a credit card and do the whole application process online. If you'd like to pay by cash or cheque, you can do the registration process at our office

9 - 3pm, Monday - Friday. Please note that all campers are required to purchase a hat for $10.


You will be redirected to our registration page upon clicking the button below.


*MANDATORY* Liability From

All campers are required to have this form filled out and signed for registration to be completed! 

Medical From

Please fill this out if your child needs medication distributed for an allergy (Epi-pens, puffers etc)

Child with Exceptionalities & Behavioural Needs Disclosure

Please fill this out if your child has any exceptionalities and/or receives one-on-one support at school or home. 

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